Kiss your afternoon goodbye thanks to 2048 tile game

My brain is broken and my eyes are bleeding, basically. This afternoon, I finally gave in and tried the 2048 Tile game that's been burning up the Internet for the past week or so and, truthfully, I'll never be the same. The concept is simple: use the arrows on your keyboard to combine like tiles with the primary objective of reaching a tile labeled 2048. When like tiles combine, they become one tile equal to the sum of its parts. Two "2" tiles make a "4" tile. It's more complicated, though, because a byproduct of that combination is a tile of lesser value.

Gabriele Cirulli, a 19-year-old Italian developer, is the man behind the game. According to his site, the game has been shared on Twitter 46,000 times.

The solution is pretty simple, too. Check it out here if you're one of those people that searches the house for presents during the weeks leading up to Christmas. Or, you know, spend the rest of your afternoon frantically clicking your keyboard while your eyes glaze over and you give in to the robot revolution.