Pretty much every prop from 'Breaking Bad' is up for auction

In this publicity image released by AMC, Anna Gunn, left, and Bryan Cranston are shown in a scene from "Breaking Bad." (AP Photo/AMC, Lewis Jacobs)

Sony Pictures is auctioning off pretty much every prop from everyone's favorite meth-fueled drama, Breaking Bad. For the low, low price of $1,000 you can bid on Walter White's Pontiac Aztec or a pink teddy bear that's missing its eyes.

As the final episode of Breaking Bad draws ever closer, Sony Pictures has put hundreds of props from the show on auction. Bids start at $10 for trinkets like Jesse Pinkman's DEA mug, all the way up to $5,000 for Hector Salamanca's wheelchair, but expect the winning bids on the items to be far, far higher. After perusing the props on offer, the stars of the show seem to be Walter White's Pontiac Aztek (starting at $1,000) and an inscribed copy of Leaves of Grass ($3,000).

The auctions are set up over at Surprisingly, the proceeds of the auction benefit Sony Pictures because they're not donating your money to charity. Either way, who wants to lend me $3,500 so that I can purchase Hector Salamanca's infamous bell? Thanks in advance. [The Verge]