Breast milk jewelry is exactly what it sounds like and people are actually buying it

Apparently there are people walking among us who have pendants MADE OF HUMAN BREAST MILK dangling around their necks like it's no big deal at all.

Etsy, the Internet's department store for unicorn sculptures and vintage typewriters, is one-stop shopping for tons of weird arts and crafts that you can't find anywhere else. A light fixture made out of rulers that looks like a drum kit? Etsy's got it.  Epic prints of the sixteenth President of the United States riding a massive grizzly bear and brandishing a machine gun? Etsy's the place to go. Jewelry fashioned out of real human breast milk? Something that definitely shouldn't exist, but totally does and is available on Etsy.

Allicia Mogavero—of Rhode Island's Mommy Milk Creations—is the Michael Jordan of turning breast milk into jewelry.

When you purchase Breast Milk Pendants from me you can be positive that they will not discolor, turn yellow or spotty. I have perfected a special technique and others cannot offer this same guarantee. Your pendant will look the same as it did the day it arrived as it will years from now!

The color of your pendant is, of course, dependent on sample of breast milk provided for the pendant.

The color of your Breast Milk Bead ™ will vary depending on your sample of milk. Some milk is more yellow than others, other milk is very thin and will create a less bright bead, if you will. There may be some areas in your Breast Milk Bead™ that appear slightly darker or whiter than the rest of the bead. This is because milk has fatty and non-fatty parts.

Please, make it stop. Some of the items cost as much as $125. There have got to be cheaper ways to skeeve everyone out. Yet, somehow, breast milk jewelry is a thing that exists. This is something you can't un-know. [h/t Daily Mail]