Pinterest for guys is a thing that exists and it's called 'Manteresting'

Attention, dudes: Are you looking for a social media site that allows you to display your manliest culinary and interior design-related fantasies without all of the estrogen and daffodils that come with a Pinterest account? Of course you are. Thankfully, the world is finally learning about Manterest, the site created so that dudes can put their name on things and share pictures of half-naked women (because the Internet didn't have enough of those before).

With your new Manteresting account you'll be able to:

  • "Nail" things. (Really, that's what they call it.)
  • "Bump" things.
  • Look at pictures of women with big butts.
  • Share pictures of cars.
  • Play Internet while making that Tim Allen grunting sound.
  • Check out that picture where Johnny Cash is giving the middle finger.
  • Look at pictures of women with big breasts.
  • Repurpose memes that made the jump from Reddit to Facebook 17 months ago.
  • Fantasize about living in an adult treehouse.
  • Share pictures of dogs wearing hats.
  • Drool over pictures of bacon (so many pictures of bacon).
  • Look at pictures of women in short skirts/daisy dukes/bathing suits.
  • Browse for weapons to use in a zombie apocalypse.
  • Laugh at those Chuck Norris jokes. Remember those?

Since the introduction of Wi-Fi, men have been surfing the Internet in search of a destination to call their own. Finally, FINALLY, someone has come through and taken a stand for what real men care about. From here on out, we'll all be able to ogle women and shop for throwing stars from the comfort of our online man cave, just like Al Gore intended when he invented the Internet. [h/t BuzzFeed]