Philly radio show gives out 'Rubi-H2O' in honor of Rubio's infamous sip

"From the makers of the Paul Ryan Weight Set, comes Rubi-H2O. Rubi-H2O is the official beverage of Senator Marco Rubio."

On Thursday morning, 1210 WPHT's Chris Stigall was awarding bottles of "Rubi-H2O" to callers. The Chris Stigall Show is the Big Talker's conservative political talk show that airs during your morning commute.

"As your big moment hits, don't reach for some liberal water from the springs of Maine; get some Republican refreshment with Rubi-H2O."

"Not available in stores due to regulations from the Obama administration. Please drink responsibly. May cause spontaneous '90s hip hop appreciation and sudden presidential aspirations."

Senator Rubio is a notorious 2Pac fan and is considered one of the GOP politicians that will be able to make a legitimate push for a nomination ahead of the 2016 presidential election.