Yo, Adrian, how 'bout a mural?

The link between Rocky and Philadelphia is undeniable, eternal, and, often, grating. The statue, the tourists running up the steps and posing triumphantly with their arms hoisted above their heads, and the constant "Yo, Adrian"-ing don't help. Hell, the "Win" scene has been played at basically every sporting event in South Philly since 1976.

But, for all of the cliché quotations and tiresome references, Philly doesn't seem to pay much attention to the film's female lead, Talia Shire's Adrian Pennino. That's where the folks at Philebrity come in.

Philebrity published a post on Monday indicating that they're setting out to have Adrianna Pennino Balboa immortalized with a mural because this is Philly and, really, you ain't shit until your face occupies the side of an old hoagie shop.

If we have to put up with all this Rocky bullshit, we should at least break off Adrian some. Mural Arts, expect a call from us today.

In a city of murals, with Rocky shirts in every shop and someone donning grey sweats on every block, it seems almost insane that the Adrian mural doesn't already exist. She's got gaps, Philly's got gaps, together they can fill gaps. Long live the Adrian mural.