Philly comedians raise awareness with the 'Ebola Bucket Challenge'

It should go without saying that Ebola is an extremely serious disease, and, as such, should not be taken lightly. The same could be said about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, which has come to the public's attention with the Ice Bucket Challenge. Serious, serious issues that require careful research, proper funding, and rational inquiry to control their spread.

So, naturally, leave it to Philly's comedians to make fun of both. Ladies and gentlemen, the Ebola Bucket Challenge has arrived.

Started by comedian Chip Chantry via social media, the Ebola Bucket Challenge is a funny way to raise awareness about Ebola by challenging participants to dump a bucket of Ebola on themselves. Since that's both ill-advised and not exactly possible, Philly's comedians had to get a little creative.

Paul Triggiani, for example, chugged an ice-cold beer:

Samantha Russell Craig opted for some pasta:

Ditto for Shannon Devido:

Matt Jay took in some literature:

Unfortunately, though, some appear to have taken the Ebola part literally. Poor, poor James Hesky:

And a warm goodbye to Steve Swan:

If you'd like to donate to help raise Ebola awareness, head over to Unicef's Emergency Relief Program page. Or, dump a bucket of Ebola over your own head and help spread awareness.

After all, it's a lot funnier than ice water.