Philly Weekly mocks Philly Mag with 'Being Hot in Philly'


Here we are, a week later, and everyone is still yelling "THAT'S RACIST" over Philly Mag's "Being White in Philly" feature.

The March cover story caused a great deal of controversy since hitting the Internet. It sparked responses in the Inquirer, Daily News, Philadelphia Tribune, City Paper, The Atlantic, and all over the Philly Post (how meta). Philly Weekly hadn't finished weighing in, though. The PW folks have gone the way of The Onion and mocked Philly Mag—and "Being White in Philly" author Robert Huber—with a cover piece of their own, "Being Hot in Philly."

START TRYING TO DISCUSS THE ISSUE of Philly’s beauty gap with other sizzling-hot sex machines around the city, and you’ll find that everyone has a story to share—whether or not they want to admit it. Take the gorgeous, classy brunette in a leather skirt I saw walking through Rittenhouse Square recently. I’ll call her Alexandra; it may or may not have been her name, but if it wasn’t, it certainly should have been, and I hope she takes that suggestion to heart. Anyway, from my vantage point across the square, I could see how two disgustingly unattractive men were bothering her—an old fat guy in a ratty baseball cap and a 
repulsive young punk with some sort of creeping rash across his face, probably contagious. Not only were they demanding her attention, they were intermittently blocking her MILF-y radiance from view by others, thus impinging upon the general welfare. [PW]