People on Yelp call homophobe's restaurant 'Best Gay Club' as revenge

A small town restaurant owner in Oklahoma went viral last week when he told a local television station that he doesn't want gay customers at his Chicaro Club. "I think I can spot a freak or a faggot," Gary James told KFOR.

The folks of the Internet have since flocked to Yelp to reward James' bigotry with imagined tales of gay dates and encounters that happened at his restaurant. There's a fake Facebook page branding Chicaro Club as a gay bar. Someone even touted his live watch parties of RuPaul's Drag Race as a can't-miss event.

If you've got the time, cruise on over to Yelp to read the hate-fiction and negative reviews mixed in with the occasional racist/bigot popping up to defend James and his hateful policies.

Now Yelpers are venting their frustrations by leaving prank reviews of the restaurant that call it "the best gay and/or BDSM club in or around Oklahoma." While the pranksters can't seem to decide whether they're leaving one or five star reviews, they can all agree that the ambiance is great ("sort of Count Dracula's Kitchen meets Birdcage") and owner James is "just as hot in person." There's even a fake Facebook page now that categorizes it as a gay club. Below, James' original interview as well as a selection of the better reviews. Decidedly not safe for work, everybody. [Eater]