Pearl Jam gives local kid best 'first concert' story ever

Time to make up a new "first concert" story because 8-year-old Nick Lebresco has you trumped.

Back in September, his mom, Lindsay, almost took Nick and his younger sister, Brooke, to see Carly Rae Jepsen at the Sands Steel Stage in Bethlehem as a part of Musikfest.

Instead, though, Lindsay and her husband Chris decided that the first concert experience is sacred and that they couldn't allow their children to traipse through life retelling the tale of that time that Carly Rae What's-Her-Face came to a casino in Bethlehem and played that song that people play at weddings.

So, they decided to hold off. Then, Tuesday night happened. Lindsay and Chris were supposed to see Pearl Jam at the Wells Fargo Center with a bunch of friends and family and one of those friends had to cancel to travel for business. After some debate, they decided to take their son Nick.

They were sitting in Section 124, Row 4; lower level, but off to the side.

During a cover of The Who's "Baba O'Riley", lead singer Eddie Vedder took one of his tambourines and tossed it to an usher, appearing to tell the guy to make sure it reached "the kid." (1:23)

That kid was Nick, who was standing beneath a giant "IT'S MY FIRST CONCERT" sign.

Later, after doling out a handful of other tambourines, Vedder sent a bunch of other stuff over to Nick. When the items reached them, Lindsay says that she and Chris were trying to stash all of the loot and make sure that Nick realized what he had just gotten. Meanwhile, Vedder was still on stage belting out "Yellow Ledbetter", the final song Pearl Jam would play on Tuesday. Vedder stood on a speaker and appeared to try wave to "the kid" underneath the sign. 

At 3:45, you can see Vedder waving out into the crowd and motioning in an attempt to get Nick's attention. Then, after Nick saw and waved back, Vedder goes to step down off his perch and eats it, falling onto the speaker.

He didn't stop singing.

All told, Nick made off with a tambourine, the set list, a drum stick, and a handful of guitar picks, and the best first concert story he could hope for. People were posing for pictures with him on the concourse after the show had ended and fully grown men were offering him hundreds of dollars in cash for the memoribilia.

Not bad for a school night.

Note: The Lebrescos are family friends. I reached out to get the full story when I saw Lindsay post a picture from