Paula Deen says Paula Deen's struggle is just like that of gay NFL prospect Michael Sam

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FILE - In this Dec. 30, 2010 file photo, Paula Deen speaks in Pasadena, Calif. (AP Photo/Nick Ut, File)

Missouri's Michael Sam recently came out as gay in advance of the NFL combine. Sam had been projected to be selected in one of the middle rounds of the upcoming NFL draft, which would then make him the first openly gay man to play professional football.

Paula Deen is the Food Network personality who revealed in a deposition that she used to use the N-word and once wanted to throw a slavery-themed wedding, essentially.

In wake of the controversy that saw her lose endorsement deals and fall out of public favor, Deen now sees herself as "embattled" and—in a recent interview with People magazine—likened her "struggle" to the one Michael Sam is experiencing by breaking down the sexual orientation barrier in the NFL.

I feel like ‘embattled’ or ‘disgraced’ will always follow my name. It’s like that black football player who recently came out. He said, ‘I just want to be known as a football player. I don’t want to be known as a gay football player.’ I know exactly what he’s saying.

In the piece, she also empathizes with outed homophobe and much maligned Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson. Seriously, she manages to compare her situation to that of the (probable) first openly gay NFL player and to that of the star of a reality television series who landed in controversy by spewing a bunch of discriminatory speech about homosexuals.

If you have a face and palm, this is the part when you're supposed to put them together. [E!]