Parents come home early, call cops on their own kids' party

A pair of parents in Connecticut—who had apparently never seen an episode of any sitcom ever—went away for the weekend and had the genius idea to leave their daughters, 15 and 16 respectively, home alone for the weekend. This is where I'm supposed to use #YOLO, right? It is?


Seriously, though, the girls allegedly threw parties for 15-20 people* on Friday and Saturday, even though they aren't of legal drinking age. And, just like in your favorite sitcom, the parents returned home from vacation early and caught their daughters in the act of throwing a third party on Sunday night.

But, instead of simply embarrassing them in front of their friends and grounding them for two whole months (UNFAIR! *rolls eyes, storms up to room, slams door*), these folks called the cops and snitched out their own daughters, which led to the girls being charged with permitting minors to possess alcohol.

According to Fox CT, it also prompted "many youths" to run from the house. So, for those of you keeping score at home, +1 to Fox CT for excellent use of the word "youths."

Agent James Kennedy of the Glasonbury Police said that the parents made the right call. Literally.

While the girls are in trouble for throwing the parties, I think this is as good a time as any to ask if/when we're going to appropriately blame Miley Cyrus for this travesty. [Fox CT, h/t Gawker]

*A "party" of 15-20 people is probably more aptly described as a get-together or a soiree than a full-blown party. It's probably closer to this than it is to that scene from Project X.