Long live Pac-Man: geek out to this piece on the life and death of American arcades

It's Friday, so—instead of being productive and contributing to society in way that might be construed as meaningful—do yourself a solid and geek the hell out to Laura June's detailed history of American arcades published over at The Verge.

From the birth of pinball to the nostalgia-fueled joints like Barcade (shoutout to Fishtown), June holds your hand and walks you through the brightest and saddest moments in video game history. The fact that New York's mayor was revered for smashing pinball machines with a sledgehammer is a national travesty.

The piece is filled with awesome '80s posters, Mortal Kombat lingo, and ridiculously interesting tidbits of information (Lou Reed's wedding reception was held in the Broadway Arcade?!).

If you've ever left your quarter on a machine in some dank, angst-filled hole in the wall, then June's piece is the best way to waste your Friday nerding out. Long live Pac-Man!