Outkast's 'Hey Ya!' is about to be named Grantland's 'Song of the Millennium'


Grantland—the Internet's cultural hub for subjective tournaments, 25,000-word features on the history of badminton, and unnecessary footnotes in every sentence—has been hosting a "Song of the Millennium" contest for the past week or so because they didn't have anything better to do leading up to Labor Day weekend.

The tourny started out with 64 songs (duh) and, through Spotify embeds and reader voting, has been narrowed down to just two worthy(?) opponents: Adele and Outkast. The finals pits Outkast's 2003 jam "Hey Ya! up against Adele's 2010 smash "Rolling in the Deep".

Sure, the tournament had its flaws. Like, the fact that they included a Miranda Lambert song or that time that the Internet picked a Gorillaz song over Amy Whinehouse. But, given the field, the thing turned out pretty well. "N****s in Paris" and Cinderella story "Mr. Brightside were eliminated in the Final Four and R. Kelly's "Ignition Remix" was tossed out in the quarterfinals along with "Call Me Maybe" and "Empire State of Mind" and "Yeah!" (which was played twice at every prom in America in 2004).

You can head on over to Grantland to check out the original bracket and each subsequent round. You can still vote in the finals, though Outkast seems to have things all wrapped up at this point. Sorry, Adele. [Grantland]