Ohio State marching band steals spotlight

Ohio State's marching band forms the Superman crest during their halftime performance of a game against Penn State on October 26, 2013. (Screen shot via YouTube)

The Penn State Nittany Lions may have suffered one of their worst losses in school history on Saturday, but it’s going to be hard for even the most diehard fans to stay mad at the Buckeyes for long. At halftime of the Ohio State’s 63-14 trouncing of PSU, the “Best Damn Band in the Land” stole the spotlight with a spectacular celebration of blockbuster movies.

No tribute to big screen scores would be complete without some John Williams, and the Ohio State did not disappoint. Fresh off the heels of their moonwalk last week, the marching band took their act to new heights with stops in Metropolis and Hogwarts. Be sure to see the victorious moment when they capture the snitch at 5:17. And with the victory over Penn State firmly in hand thanks to a 42-7 halftime lead, the Buckeyes set their sights on a November 30 matchup with another rival at the 7:45 mark.