Of course there are Twitter parody accounts for Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev

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The FBI and Boston Police are on a manhunt for Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, the 19-year-old Boston Marathon bombing suspect that reportedly survived last night's chaotic and explosive chase through Watertown. By the start of business on Friday, Tsarnaev's name was all over every news network, blog, radio broadcast, and message board.

It's 2013, though, so not everyone is simply waiting to hear news of the manhunt for Tsarvaev. Obviously, a whole slew of people took to Twitter to capitalize on and/or make light of the situation.

One includes a photo of missing Brown student Sunil Tripathi.

There are a handful of others, too. On Friday, Anonymous tweeted a link, claiming that @Dzhokhar_ was Tsarnaev's actual account. That account had focused on European soccer and been dormant for months. Back in December, it sent a link to a post that analyzes a scene from The Dark Knight Rises, indicating that there's a Sandy Hook reference and subsequent conspiracy.

UPDATE: Andy Moore, of BroBible.com, of all places, is reporting that @j_tsar is Tsarnaev's actual Twitter account. He says he's DMed with one of Tsarnaev's friend. Some of the tweets match what is already known about the suspect.

I DM'd with one Twitter user who is a student at the University of Massachusetts: Dartmouth (UMD) and who spoke a lot today, publicly on Twitter, about his relationship with him. He DM'd me back to say that he considers himself friends with the fellow UMD student. He confirmed that @j_tsar IS Tsarnaev's Twitter account, but he asked that he not be brought into this. At least one point this year the person I DM'd with is RT'ed by @j_tsar, so I don't think he's lying about the relationship. [Bro Bible]

That account has tweeted Eminem lyrics and discounted a "fake story" about the Boston Marathon bombing over the course of the past few days.