Of course the Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest the funerals of Boston Marathon bombing victims

Much to the surprise of no one, the Westboro Baptist Church was all over the coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing yesterday. From its official Twitter account, the radical "religious" group tweeted pictures of "GOD SENT THE BOMBS" signs that were made to look blood-splattered.

As is the case with pretty much every modern American tragedy, the Westboro Baptist Church claims that the bombing was God's wrath and that He is punishing the people of Massachusetts for allowing same-sex marriage.


They also put part of the blame on Ellen DeGeneres.


The group issued a release indicating its plan to picket the funerals of victims of the bombing.


As awful as it is to even mention the existence of the WBC, it's necessary to alert people in the Boston community so that the subsequent counter protests and other preventative measures can be planned and executed.