Netflix is talking about more 'Arrested Development' (for real this time)

Netflix-Arrested Development
FILE - This Sept. 19, 2004 file photo released by Fox shows Jeffrey Tambor, left, and Jason Bateman in a scene from Fox's comedy "Arrested Development." (AP Photo/Fox, File)

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings had previously copped to the fact that Netflix might be open to possibly considering maybe thinking about bringing Arrested Development back for a fifth season. This startling revelation came to light after everyone with an Internet connection and an IQ above 107 tripped over themselves to watch as AD made ANU START for the streaming behemoth after spending the better part of a decade on the shelf.

Now, according to Brian Glazer (Imagine Entertainment co-chair and character in AD's Season 4), talks with Netflix have started up, raising the interest from, "open to possibly considering maybe thinking about" doing another season to, "seriously, though, let's talk about it."

“We are in conversations with them to do another,” Grazer said in an interview yesterday with Bloomberg Television at the Allen & Co. conference in Sun Valley, Idaho. “They are interested in doing that.”

Apparently all of your favorite Bluths are so popular that it's going to take a few years to get more episodes into that box of magic moving pictures that sits on your lap. But, the fact that they're already having serious conversations and using the words "Arrested Development" and "fifth season" in the same conversation should be considered a huge victory for the show's rabid fanbase, who played a big role in getting AD off that shelf and back into television (kind of) earlier this year.

If you can't wait a few years for more Arrested Development, may we suggest taking a Forget-Me Now and starting back at one.

(Yes, the above link connects to a Brian McKnight music video. You're welcome.) [Bloomberg]