Get ready for Netflix to add news programs, sports content and comedy specials


For most people, a Netflix subscription is the best $7.99 they spend every month. Unlimited access to an anthology of wonderful television shows and movies and stand-up specials and documentaries that make it nearly impossible to get a good night's sleep and make wasting time at the office easier than ever (just be sure to keep that cursor hovering over the spreadsheets in case the boss walks by).

But, recently, the well-documented evolution of everyone's favorite streaming service has people in the biz speculating just how far Netflix is going to go. They scored the first-ever Emmy nomination for an online-only show thanks to House of Cards. They practically broke the Internet by bringing everyone's favorite sitcom, Arrested Development, back from the dead. And, though they clearly missed the mark with Hemlock Grove (which earned a bunch of nerd Emmys thanks to the team's technical work), Netflix impressed everyone all over again with their latest original series, Orange Is the New Black. Seriously, bail on whatever you're watching now and marathon the hell out of that show. It's wonderful.

On the wave of recent success, Neflix CEO Reed Hastings and Chief Content Officer Sarandos participated in a video conference call with business analysts. Among the revelations from their conversation is the tidbit about their vision for the future of the company. 

“We’re fundamentally in the membership happiness business as opposed to the TV business.” - Reed Hastings

When asked specifically about original movies and news programs, the duo mentioned that there's "no reason" that Netflix wouldn't naturally evolve into that arena. Hastings went as far as to point out that HBO and Showtime dabble in sports and documentaries. They also said that they're already in the process of expanding their original content to include stand-up specials and docs. 

No, they didn't reveal the heavily guarded numbers behind the original content, but it seems that the Netflix brass is more than confident in the company's immediate future, so, basically, just accept the idea that the streaming behemoth is going to take over the world. [h/t Deadline]