Monkeys bite at least one person a month at the London Zoo

Last year, squirrel monkeys bit 15 visitors in their “walk through” exhibit. Other people got off easy and just had their snacks stolen.

            Their "revolutionary" enclosure was launched eight years ago with visitors able to walk through to get as close to the monkeys as possible.

But the safety report said: "The squirrel monkeys in the walk-through enclosure are still undergoing additional negative enforcement due to some behavioural issues. These involve mainly grabbing of food from members of the public. There have been 15 bites over the past year, none serious, all reported to first aid."

It added: "There is now a no pushchair policy in the enclosure as they were a major target for the monkeys looking for food. Negative re-enforcement is implemented mainly by painting a bitter apple substance on objects of desire such as mobile phones used by volunteers.” [Camden New Journal, via NPR]