Millennials don't know who Robin Thicke is

Music Q and A Robin Thicke
Thicke released his fifth album, "Blurred Lines," on Aug. 2. The title track and lead single, which features T.I. and Pharrell, is the longest-running No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart so far this year. (Photo by Victoria Will/Invision/AP)

Robin Thicke has had the No. 1 song in America for 13 straight weeks. With the help of his Beetlejuice suit and the twerking prowess of America's favorite former child star, Miley Cyrus, Thicke's VMA performance last week basically broke the Internet. His "Blurred Lines" is three weeks away from being the most popular song of all time and, by the end of July, had reached nearly 250 million listeners.

Yet, still, Millennials have no idea who this guy is.

According to Yahoo! search data, "who is robin thicke" was among the 10 most popular questions searched by 18-35 year-olds (because, apparently, there are actually 18-35 year-olds who don't use Google?).

The rest of the list basically demonstrates that no one knows what the hell is going on anymore, as food, drugs, dancing, the sex are all also on the list.

  1. how to twerk
  2. how to boil an egg
  3. what is molly
  4. what is a ratchet makeover
  5. what is hummus
  6. what is a synonym
  7. what is hpv
  8. what is a gif
  9. how to write a resume
  10. who is robin thicke

And, really, doesn't that sum up the Millennial generation? We're a bunch of underemployed posers surfing the Internet to learn how to cook something other than Pop-Tarts and looking for moving images that describe how we feel about our genital warts. [h/t Uproxx]