Miley Cyrus got a crying kitten Emoji tattoo in her mouth

Miley Cyrus has been busy hypnotizing audiences by gyrating in her unmentionables in front of a video of a crying kitten on her Bangerz tour. Homegirl recently took a break, though, from poisoning the minds of America's youth and inspiring self-righteous emails from the flyover states for a little "her" time.

After a tour stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma (Anyone else surprised that her show isn't in violation of some obscure, Bible Belt indecency ordinance?), Cyrus decided to get a crying kitten Emoji tattooed on the inside of her mouth.

Miley posted a picture of her new piece—placed on the inside part of her lower lip—to Instagram with a bunch of barely intelligible hashtags that help to represent the downfall of American culture. Remember when Britney Spears' low-cut jeans were risqué?