'Super Troopers' stars go to restaurant running a promotion, meow

Okay, meow, so, in Burbank, California, there's a popular lunch joint named Not a Burger Stand. Meow, the folks at Not a Burger Stand typically display creative and intricate chalk drawings encouraging customers to do something silly (or awesome), like order in a Darth Vader voice or with a Bill Cosby impression, to get a 10-percent discount.

Not meow, but earlier this week, the chalk drawing had an image of Thorny, Jay Chandrasekhar's character from Super Troopers.

Meow, if you'll take a second to recall, this promotion is based on the scene in the film when Paul Soter's character, Foster, tries to fit as many "meows" into a traffic stop as possible (bonus points for the Jim Gaffigan cameo because he's all famous meow) :

Meow, it being near hollywood and all, Chandrasekhar and Soter caught wind of the promotion and stopped by. A friend of Not a Burger Stand's owner saw it on Facebook and posted it to Reddit (Reaganimal). It's all over the Internet, meow. Coolest thing ever? Coolest thing ever.

Also, Super Troopers came out more than a decade ago, so meow is the part when you're supposed to feel incredibly old.

Nine? Meow. [Redditor Reganimal]