Would Anne Frank have been a Justin Bieber fan?

Germany Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has caused a stir on the Internet after visiting the Anne Frank House and leaving a message saying that he hopes she'd have been a fan. (AP Photo/Gero Breloer)

Justin Bieber lit the Internet on fire when he recently visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. After his visit, Bieber signed the Anne Frank House guest book, “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” *Slaps palm to forehead*

However ridiculous the notion may immediately seem, some experts are suggesting that, had Belieber been as successful as he is now, but back when Frank was a 13-year-old Jewish girl hiding from Nazis in her attic, it's entirely possible that she would have been a Belieber.

Abraham Foxman, the national director of Anti-Defamation League, reacting to the Bieber brouhaha, said as much. “If you read Frank’s diary, she was into celebrities, she was into pop culture,” Foxman told the Chicago Sun-Times. “So for [Bieber] to say he would have hoped that she would have been a fan, it’s a nice thing.”

The truth is, Frank was precisely the age of many of the girls that make up that Belieber fan army. She was 13 when she began writing her diary. Like any girl of that age—in the 1940s or today—she would clip photos of celebrities and hang them on her walls.

And, as we all trip over each other to gawk at Bieber's comment and watch his fans reveal how little they know about the historical significance of Anne Frank, it's important to note that her diary has shot up Amazon's sales chart.

Well, as of noon on Monday, The Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition, the top search result on Amazon for Frank’s diary, was ranked #2,376 in books. On February 26, 2013, the most recent capture on the web archive site Wayback Machine, that same edition was ranked #10,170 in books. Is Bieber to thank solely for the massive bump in sales? It can’t be said definitively, but it’s possible. [The Daily Beast]