Behold, Martha Stewart's tips for great sex

Martha Stewart arrives to court in New York, Tuesday, March 5, 2013. Macy's Inc. is suing the media and merchandising company Stewart founded for breaching an exclusive contract when she signed a deal with J.C. Penney in December 2011 to open shops at most of its stores this spring.(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Martha Stewart's private life has always been something the Internet has been particularly interested in. Whether she's revealing her history of threesomes or penchant for sexting, little morsels of information Stewart has offered the public about her sex life have a tendency to break the Internet.

So, when Stewart recently stopped by the portal to the deep Internet for her Reddit AMA, the Internet obviously had some sexual related questions for her. In addition to advising folks how to be gracious hosts and mentioning that she wishes she were better friends with Snoop Dogg, Stewart schooled the Deep Internet on the importance of baths when it comes to The Sex.

Stewart also said she'd love to marathon House of Cards if she could manage to have an entire day to herself and that The Wolf of Wall Street was her favorite film of 2013. So, you're now armed with that information, too. The more you know... [Reddit]