Stop what you're doing, Manti Te'o released voicemails from 'Lennay'

This Jan. 22, 2013 photo released by ABC Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o, right, speaking with host Katie Couric during an interview for "Katie," in New York. Te'o has told Katie Couric that he briefly lied about his online girlfriend after discovering she didn't exist, while maintaining that he had no part in creating the hoax. Pressed by Couric to admit that he was in on the deception, Te'o said he believed that his girlfriend Lennay Kekua had died of cancer and didn't lie about it until December. The interview will air on Thursday, Jan. 24. (AP Photo/Disney-ABC, Lorenzo Bevilaqua)

Stop what you're doing and listen to these voicemails from "Lennay Kekua."

Manti Te'o released those three voicemails ahead of the airing of his first television interview since this whole debaccle started. Te'o says he was under the impression that the person leaving him those voicemails was his "girlfriend," "Lennay Kekua."

The first voicemail is short and sweet. In the second, "Lennay" is hysterical and rambling about some girl in Te'o's room. The third is an update on her status and was reportedly left the day she was "released from the hospital." She "died" the next day.

Milton Grimes, the lawyer representing Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, says that his client altered his voice when speaking with Te'o so that he'd sound like a woman. Te'o's interview with Couric airs on ABC at 3 p.m. Thursday.