Mail carrier rescued dog from burning house, saved it with CPR


The second Friday in June—that's the day I'm proposing we declare as a national holiday in honor of Jo Amerson because she rescued a dog from a burning building and performed CPR to save its life.

I'll give that a second to sink in because Jo Amerson—a mail carrier in western Pennsylvania—ran into a burning house, carried an unconscious dog to safety, and brought it back to life with CPR.


WXPI reports:

Channel 11’s Amy Marcinkiewicz reported that Amerson knocked out windows of the house in an effort to make sure no one was trapped inside.

Amerson said she found an unconscious dog inside the house, performed CPR and brought the dog back to life.

“It’s all in a day’s work. I did whatever everyone would do,” Amerson said. “It’s a life, whether it’s a dog, cat or any animal.”

So, on top of rescuing an unconscious dog from a burning building and saving it with CPR, Amerson is being incredibly humble about the whole thing by saying, “It’s all in a day’s work" like she merely posted 14 and eight in a non-conference game.

Basically, we're obligated—as a country—to recognize Amerson's incredible feat by recreating the Hall & Oates dance sequence from (500) Days of Summer for her once every year. The second Friday in June works because we could all use one additional long weekend, especially when summer is still new and no one is actually working that Friday anyway because we'd all be ducking out early to beat the Shore traffic. Plus, the weather won't suck.

Everyone write your Senators and we can make this happen. I'll work on getting the #FauxSpontaneousHallAndOatesDanceParadeforJo hashtag off the ground. It rolls off the tongue, right? [h/t Uproxx]