Admen say real life is like 'Mad Men,' but with less whiskey


We're only, like, 80 hours from Mad Men Season 6 (not that we're counting, or anything). Today's Mad Men piece of the day comes from Esquire, where Stephen Klinck reached out to the actual folks infiltrating your subconscious and planting ideas like they're Cobb to see how much the show resonates with the folks in that world.

Klinck spoke with creative directors, copywriters, advertising professor and account people to see which parts of the show ring true. They mostly said that there's less money and no liquid lunches, but a lot of the trade talk translates well.

How the ads hold up:
"Don Draper pitched an idea for a steel company. He made the steel company the official sponsor of major American cities. That was a smart and simple idea. That's something that could work today."

The inevitable question:
"'So do you guys sit around and drink whiskey and smoke all day?' To which I respond, 'It depends on how much we smoked and drank the day before.'"