VIDEO: Don Draper gets off a plane in new Mad Men teaser

*Breathes heavily into paper bag*

Spring is almost here, which means the snow is thawing, we're setting the clocks ahead to get some extra daylight and MAD MEN RETURNS IN, LIKE, A MONTH. Season 6 recently hit Netflix, so many of us have been soaking in the cold, depressing stare of Don Draper. Now, AMC when ahead and made it feel all the more real by dropping a teaser for the upcoming season, which premieres on Sunday, April 13th.

The shot is simply Don Draper disembarking from a TWA flight and putting his hat on set to a hip remix of Que Sera Sera done by French producer extraordinaire, Wax Tailor. You're advised to add his jam to your Mad Men playlist.

UPDATE: AMC has gone on and removed the Wax Tailor jam from the clip. Originally, the song embedded below played as Don Draper exited the aircraft. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

Also, why is Don getting off the plane? Where is the plane? What year is it? What about Dick Whitman? Damn you, Matthew Weiner.

Click here to watch the video.