Is Don Draper going to die at the end of 'Mad Men'?

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One of the best parts about a cerebral show like Mad Men—and a totalitarian creator who won't allow any details about the show's future storylines leak out—is obsessing over every vague reference and obscure symbol embedded therein. And so, here we are, analyzing the likelihood that Don Draper bites it by the series' end.

Dustin Rowles, over at Warming Glow, breaks down 10 allegorical details that might suggest Draper is going to die, physically or figuratively.

Rewatching the episode in light of what I knew about the ad that Draper had created, the scene above — where Don is standing at the window, the sounds of ocean waves crashing in his head — I immediately thought of, “The Jumping Off Point,” then I thought of this:

A man leaping from a skyscraper to his death in the hopes of returning to Paradise.

Rowles eloquently delves into the literary references and death imagery throughout Sunday's two-hour premiere. His piece is your Mad Men required reading for the day. Four days until more Draper. [Warming Glow]