VIDEO: Christian rapper does anti-gay version of Macklemore's 'Same Love'

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Mark Felder is a pimp-turned rapper who goes by the name "Bizzle." Bizzle found God and has been spreading the good word through his music ever since he had an epiphany that alerted him to the fact that, maybe, he shouldn't be a pimp who hides his money in The Bible.

"[The prostitute] gave me like $700, just put it in my hand. The money came so quick and so easy that within two days I had like $1300 in my wallet," Bizzle revealed. "Not only that, I went and I hid it in my Bible. It was so twisted. That was probably the furthest I had been for God in life and it caused me to get the closest I had ever been to him in life." [Christian Post]

Now, Bizzle is making waves on the Internet with an anti-gay response to to Macklemore's hit, "Same Love." With his "response" song, Bizzle compares gays to pedophiles, implies that the homosexual community's struggle for equal rights is somehow marginalized by the injustice and prejudice suffered by African-Americans, and, essentially, suggests that gays should stop complaining and learn to fight their life of sin.

Some sample lyrics:

The song opens with Bizzle reading from the book of Timothy. Then, the born again rapper lays it down, suggesting that gays and lesbians don't have it as bad as they or the media makes it out to be.

  • It's funny how the media portrays things / They really pushin' hard for this gay thing
  • Callin' it the new black, tell me where they do that / They hung us like tree ornaments, where were you at?
  • Quit comparin' the two, it ain't the same fight / You can play straight, we can never play white
  • It angers you if I compare you to a pedophile / 'Cause he's sick, right? And you're better. How?
  • And you say it's about rights, but you lyin, though / Domestic partnerships gave you that a long time ago

To learn more about Bizzle, check out The Christian Post's profile of the born-again rapper published in early 2013.

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