'Lost' co-creator compares Heisenberg to Batman


Damon Lindelof is one of the geniuses who made you obsess over what was in the hatch, contemplate the meaning of life as we know it, and bawl your eyes out rooting for Penny and Desmond while you binged on Lost all those years ago. Lindelof is the showrunner of HBO's forthcoming series The Leftovers who has spent much of his recent down time analyzing AMC's Breaking Bad. Hollywood writers are just like us!

Anyway, Lindelof has written a piece for New York magazine's Vulture in which he compares Walter White to Bruce Wayne, concluding that much in the same way that Wayne was always and will always be Batman, White cannot and will not shed his inner Heisenberg.

Lindelof writes that there was always something lying dormant inside Walter White and, now that the catalyst has, um, catalyzed, there is no going back.

The first scene of the season-three finale, “Full Measures” is a flashback, which, as you might surmise, I have an affinity for. In this moment from the distant past, we see a newly married Walt and Skyler being shown a house by a real-estate agent. This house, of course, is the one they will end up living in for the next couple of decades, the one that will ultimately have the word “Heisenberg” scrawled across its living room wall. But Walt doesn’t know any of that yet.

So here’s your homework. Go and watch that scene. Hear Walter White’s voice as he frowns upon the modesty of the home he has not yet purchased. Look into Walter White’s eyes when he says, “I don’t think this is gonna be enough.” Is it ambition you see? Or is it something else?

If you're a Breaking Bad nut like the rest of us, this is your required reading for today. [Vulture]