VIDEO: Idina Menzel, Fallon and The Roots play that song from 'Frozen'

Idina Menzel performed "Let It Go"—the hit song from Disney's Frozen—at the 86th Annual Academy Awards mere moments before the number was named Best Original Song of 2014 and its writer, Robert Lopez, entered the prestigious company to have earned an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award.

On Monday, Menzel stopped by the NBC studio in New York to perform the Oscar-winning song in close quarters with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots for The Tonight Show. The result is as adorable as you were hoping it would be, unless you're a parent who hasn't listened to anything but the Frozen soundtrack since Thanksgiving. We feel your pain, but don't really care because anything Fallon and The Roots play with classroom instruments is essential listening, as far as we're concerned.

Click here to watch the video.