Let Calvin and Hobbes inspire your Nemo masterpiece

It's gonna snow. That much we're aware of. So, you should be spending your Friday doing everything you need to do in order to prepare for the looming snowpocalypse. Buy wine. Stock up on milk and bread. Buy liquor. Get batteries. Buy more liquor. Cruise Craigslist for a suitable "interim bf/gf" so you're not all alone riding out the storm (must like The West Wing and spiked apple cider). You, know, the essentials.

But, after Nemo hits, you're going to want to make the best of your situation and, eventually, you're going to run out of liquor.

That's when the real fun is supposed to begin: snowman time. But, we beg of you, don't build a boring, ordinary snowman that no one will miss when he/she melts away. No, please add reading all of the Calvin and Hobbes snow creation comics to  your Friday Before Nemo to-do list and be inspired. Also, check out the video below, which features new takes on Calvin's winter wonderland of horrors.

Also, it's a snowy Friday, so you're screwing up if you're not wasting your afternoon reading comics at the office.

Happy blizzard, youse guys.