VIDEO: Leonardo DiCaprio was nearly eaten by a Great White shark in 2006

Leonardo DiCaprio, fresh off a slew of f-bomb-latent tirades in the Scorsese-helmed, Golden Globe-nominated Wolf of Wall Street, made a visit to The Ellen Show to plug the new flick and to tell the story about that one time when A GREAT WHITE SHARK TRIED TO EAT HIM.

Back in '06, Leo was filming Blood Diamond and was on a break from shooting when he went on an expedition with an organization that saves sharks. DiCaprio says he was in a cage submerged in the ocean when a Great White tried to bite some tuna and managed to get half of its body inside his cage. He says he "flattened out at the bottom" and managed to escape the ordeal physically unharmed, though the shark did "chomp" a few times right in front of him.

He says that the incident left him mentally scarred. Obviously. [NYDN]