LISTEN: The saddest remix of Pharrell's 'Happy' you'll ever hear

You've probably never heard of Yoann Lemoine, but he's the guy who directed Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" music video, along with a slew of other modern music videos that don't rotation on MTV anymore because culture is dead.

Lemoine goes by the name Woodkid and—in addition to directing videos for Perry and T-Swift and Lana Del Rey—has had his name tossed around by Kanye while working on projects with Pharrell and designing posters for the Montreaux Jazz Festival. Basically, Woodkid does it all.

After teaming up with Pharrell for the 24 hours of 'Happy' music video thing that sort of broke the Internet, Woodkid took it upon himself to rain on the world's parade by creating the saddest remix to Pharrell's "Happy" that you'll ever hear. Give it a listen and have yourself a nice little cry, this afternoon.

Click here to watch the video.