NC councilman writes resignation letter in Klingon

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A councilman in Indian Trail, North Carolina embraced his inner nerd, recently, when he decided to draft a letter of resignation from his post in Klingon, the fictional language from Star Trek.

In an interview Thursday, Waddell said his resignation letter to Mayor Michael Alvarez was written in Klingon, the language of a proud warrior race in the “Star Trek” TV shows and movies, as an inside joke. But in case the mayor wasn’t up to speed with his Klingon, Waddell included a translation using

“Folks don’t know what to think of me half the time,” said Waddell, so “I might as well have one last laugh” on the board.

Obviously, Mayor Alvarez didn't really see the humor in it, calling the gesture "childish" and "an embarassment" for Indian Trail and North Carolina, further reinforcing the idea that local government types are stuffy and humorless.

Waddell, a plumber, said he thought he would be more effective by coming to board meetings as a citizen and speaking out on issues. He said he also needed to devote time to mount a write-in campaign on the Constitution Party’s platform for Kay Hagan’s U.S. Senate seat. [Charlotte Observer]