Kanye West was once in a crappy, gangster boy band called 'Go Getters'

Kanye West burst onto the scene with his backpack rap album College Dropout back in 2004. But, before that, The Artist They Call Yeezy was one-fourth of a Chicago-based, gangster rap group, Go Getters. Ye, Timmy G, GLC, and Arrowstar worked together to form the Go Getters, which was supposedly the golden goose of Kon-Man Productions.

While they never released a full album, the group did record a number of songs that have made their way out of the bag, thanks to promotional releases and other such leaks.

Now, thanks to VladTV.com, many of those tracks have been compiled into a YouTube playlist. Instant classics like "10 in a Benz" and "Ghetto Senorita" will instantly remind you why this outfit didn't work out for everybody involved.

Rounded out by rapper GLC, who later signed to Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Music label, Timmy G, and producer Arrowstar, the group recorded a handful of songs around 2000, made a few radio appearances, and even did a photoshoot. As Fake Shore Drive explains, their album World Record Holders was never released, but a number of recordings did surface once Kanye gained notoriety. [Consequence of Sound]