VIDEO: Kanye West can see sound (his songs are paintings)

On Tuesday evening, America was treated to another one of Kanye West's brilliant late night appearances. This time, Kanye was a guest and musical performer on the second episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers. In addition to bringing down the house with a five-minute medley of some of his greatest hits (including "Jesus Walks" and "Stronger"), Kanye seemed to dial his ranting back a bit when discussing fashion with the show's host.

Meyers asks Kanye how he approaches fashion, as opposed to his process for creating music, and Kanye responds will a droll, "Everything in the world is exactly the same."

Seriously, that was his answer.

But, when Meyers presses him, Kanye elaborates, making reference to Philip Seymour Hoffman and Daniel Day-Lewis, while creating analogies about Michelangelo and sculpting. The whole thing, apparently, comes back to that one teacher who inspired you in eighth grade. Or something like that.

Oh, and Kanye can see sound. So, there's that. Every one of his songs is actually a painting. The more you know...

It's the same egomaniacal spiel we've heard before, but a little softer and more refined this time. Kudos to Kanye for trying a different approach and hats off to Meyers for figuring out how to get it out of him.

Click here to watch the video.