Jon Hamm binge-watched 'The Wire' and reads 'Mad Men' recaps and is basically just like the rest of us

If you don't already think Jon Hamm is the most wonderful person in Hollywood, then his 34-minute conversation with Grantland's Bill Simmons will certainly get you to not just drink the Kool-Aid, but bathe in it.

Over the course of the segment—which was supposed to be spent plugging tonight's ESPY Awards—Hamm talks about slumming it in Los Angeles trying to make it as an actor. He talks about binge-watching The Wire and Friday Night Lights, eating dinner by himself while on location in Boston, reading Mad Men recaps at HitFix and New York magazine, getting kicked out of Simmons' fantasy football league, the time that Paul Rudd landed a HUGE Nintendo commercial gig, and his friendship with Ben Affleck.

Seriously, Hamm's one of those guys that just gets it. It's why he's awesome on SNL, it's why he kills it on Mad Men, it's why he's hosting tonight's ESPYs and will probably nail his monologue. If you've got some time to spare this afternoon you should definitely spend it getting Hamm's take on the end of Breaking Bad, why high school football movies make him cry, and why his girlfriend is OK (kinda) with the fact that he's fake married to January Jones. [Grantland]