Jodie Foster is directing an episode of 'House of Cards'

Kevin Spacey plays U.S. Congressman Frank Underwood in a scene from the Netflix original series, "House of Cards." If Netflix's "House of Cards" and "Arrested Development" become the first online shows to reap Emmy nominations Thursday, July 18, it will be a watershed moment for programs that don't need television sets to make a splash. (Photo / Netflix)

Frank Underwood is hard at work turning the political gears/manipulating rookie congressmen/being a heartless badass and (SPOILER ALERT) repressed homosexual as Netflix and company churn out a second season of the Emmy-nominated(!!!) House of Cards. Also hard at work is Jodie Foster, who, according to New York magazine, is already on location in Baltimore as she readies to make her second turn at the helm for Netflix by directing an episode of the political drama.

While the streaming service declined to comment, our sources say Foster is already on location in Baltimore, where the Emmy-nominated drama films. Foster is quickly becoming a directorial staple at Netflix: The actress helmed "Lesbian Request Denied," the third episode of Orange Is the New Black.

The news comes as Foster is set to direct a feature film about a guy who holds the cast and crew of a cable news show hostage and as she's reportedly developing a mob drama for Showtime.

HitFix: And how did Jodie Foster come to direct the third episode?


Jenji Kohan: Truthfully, Jodie got a project at Showtime and realized that she'd never done television before and, to her credit, wanted to say, "Lemme try this to see how this goes before I go do my own thing." And when Jodie Foster says, "I wanna do this," you say, "Yes." So she came to us and I think we were sort of her dry-run for when she does her television thing. [HitFix]