Ja Rule is still a person and he's starring in a gospel movie

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You probably remember Ja Rule from his masterful turns in timeless classics like Half Past Dead and Scary Movie 3. You might recall his immortal musical offerings like the "I'm Real (Murder Remix)" with J. Lo or the Grammy-nominated single, "Put it on Me". Seriously, he was nominated for a Grammy for that.

Well, R-U-L-E is fresh off a three-year stint in the joint for gun possession and failure to file taxes (whoops) and is looking to make his big film comeback official. He's plugging his latest project, a gospel movie about a drug-dealer who left the game behind for a life on the up-and-up. The dealer falls for a nice church girl (aka Chanel from The Cheetah Girls), but finds himself putting his new life in jeopardy as he struggles to sever ties with his shady past.


In an attempt to convince people to actually take money that they earned at their jobs and trade it for an opportunity to watch the film I'm in Love With a Church Girl, Ja has been making the rounds on the press circuit, which included a stop at the W Hotel Union Square to talk to Marlow Stern for The Daily Beast.

Ja plugged the film as well as his forthcoming book (creatively titled Unruly), the inevitable reality show he's set to film with his family, the album he's working on, and the action roles he's got lined up for himself in the future. But, really, the best part of the piece comes when he talks about swelling up like Dre in the joint and hanging out with former Tyco CEO Dennis Kozlowski and watching the Knicks with former NYC comptroller Alan Hevesi.

How much weight did you put on in prison?

I went in at about 154 pounds and came home about 190. I did everything—bench press, arms, curls, and leg days. I had a regimen. I’d do back and chest Monday; Tuesday, I’d do arms and shoulders; Wednesday, I’d do legs; and then I’d repeat the cycle. So six days a week.

I read that you had some famous friends in prison.

Yeah. Dennis Kozlowski, the former Tyco CEO, was there with me. And Alan Hevesi, the former New York state comptroller, was there. Alan was a big Knicks fan like me, so we used to watch the games together. And Larry Salander, the big art dealer, was there, too. So I had some pretty cool guys there and was able to pick their brains. [The Daily Beast]