Homeless woman sues Halle Berry to pitch Disney on 2,000-page Civil War mini-series

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FILE - Actress Halle Berry testifies before the Assembly Committee on Public Safety for a bill that would limit the ability of paparazzi to photograph children of celebrities and public figures, on Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at the Capitol in Sacramento, Calif. (AP Photo/Steve Yeater)

It's not about what you know—it's about who you know. No one is more aware of the wisdom contained in that old cliché than Jo Anne Vandegriff, which is why the self-described homeless woman is suing Halle Berry, Amanda Bynes, Armie Hammer (really?), and Disney. The idea is that the lawsuit will be the catalyst that gets all the famous folks in the same room with Vandegriff and her 2,000-page script for a Civil War era romance mini-series.

Vandegriff calls her potential series "Heaven's Angels" and suggests that white-washed Disney could used a little diversity, right about now, and hopes that her show could open the studio up to roles for black and hispanic actresses.

Vandegriff describes her script as "an extraordinary work in its length, complexity, and scope, though not yet a masterpiece work."

She doesn't apologize for using the legal system to make a buck, because, as she says in the lawsuit, "a mini-series of this nature only comes along once every twenty to thirty years.

So why sue Halle?  Vandegriff wants her in the leading role.  As for Amanda ... it would be a great comeback for her.  And Armie ... he could finally be a leading man

Apparently, Vandegriff was too busy crafting her "extraordinary" script to watch The Call or Love Wrecked or The Lone Ranger, because barf. [TMZ]