Hipster queen Beyoncé biked the Brooklyn Bridge to her own concert


Adapting a move straight out of Hov's playbook, hipster queen Beyoncé biked across the Brooklyn Bridge to get to her show at the Barclays Center on Tuesday. (You'll remember that time that Jay-Z had that adorable conversation with an older woman on the subway en route to his own Barclays Center show.)

Beyoncé—complete with her floppy hat, aviators, and a patriotic, starred top—snapped some photos as she crossed the bridge and filtered the hell out of them to post 'em to Instagram on Tuesday. Lena Dunham would be so proud.

No word on whether or not Bey went home and listened to For Emma, Forever Ago on vinyl (because it just sounds... warmer, ya know?) or stopped by a vintage store to pick up this wonderful little bureau from, like, the '40s or something to bat for the hipster cycle.