High school teacher in trouble after tweeting topless photos to Diplo

A 23-year-old high school math teacher in Aurora, Colorado has made her administrators none to happy after she tweeted a topless photo of herself to popular DJ, Diplo (Philly, shoutout). The photo shows Carly McKinney—known from here on out as "CrunkBear"—upside down with her feet against a wall wearing nothing but panties. If you're old, it may be helpful to know that this is called "twerking." Don't ask. Well, okay, if you must:

Anyway, Diplo retweeted the photo, which alerted CrunkBear's students because zOMG THEIR TEACHER LISTENS TO DIPLO AND TWEETED TOPLESS PHOTOS. Overland High School's administrators caught wind of the fiasco and suspended CrunkBear.

Oh, I totally forgot to mention that, upon further examination, CrunkBear's Twitter account—@Crunk_Bear (get it now?)—included a tweet calling one student "jailbait" and a tweet indicating that she had marijuana in her car on school grounds. Whoops.

Diplo and others have been showing their support for CrunkBear on Twitter by using #FreeCrunkBear. Isn't the future awesome, you guys? [Spinner]