Guy jailed for wedgie spree

Ohio or Florida? Florida.

An 18-year-old in Manatee County, Florida spent some time in jail after he went on a wedgie spree at a theater. Wedgies are, basically, the oldest and simplest form of torture. In the hierarchy of oldschool ways to piss people off, wedgies fall just above a "kick me" sign and just below putting someone in a locker or trash can.

He had his friend film it, presumably to post the footage to his "Awesome Videos" YouTube page, which is mostly comprised of compilations of him accosting people around town.

While the entire situation is an irritating and sad commentary on the YouTube culture, it encouraged the folks at The Miami Herald to define "wedgie" because THE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW.

Deputies say Ross was at Royal Palm Theater Sunday night with a friend and began grabbing people by their pants and pulling them up hard, causing discomfort.

So, there's that. The guy was released on $750 bond and is due back in court next month. [The Smoking Gun]

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