Guy finally finds car, 5 weeks after losing it at Oktoberfest

Get your Ashton Kutcher jokes ready because some guy who misplaced his car at Oktoberfest has finally tracked it down... a full five weeks later.

The 40-year-old Italian man was on his way to Theresienwiese for Oktoberfest when he parked his VW Golf on a side street near a tram station "somewhere east of Munich." At the end of his time at Oktoberfest, he couldn't remember which tram stop he had parked near or what the name of that side street was.

He hung posters around the city offering a €200 reward to anyone who could help him find the car but to no avail.

With nothing but "somewhere in east Munich" to go on, police could only promise to keep an eye out for the Volkswagen while on the beat.

But Andreas' case is not unique, police spokesman Christoph Reichenbach told the Abendzeitung. "We get this sort of thing all the time," he said.

After making three trips back to Munich over almost five weeks from his home in Bolzano, South Tirol, searching in vain for the lost car, the driver finally got good news from the Abendzeitung's appeal on his behalf.

One of the paper's readers had spotted the guy's Golf and reported the location. He was finally reunited with his vehicle. [h/t The Local]