Grandparents re-enacting children's drawings is the cutest art project ever

The most adorable art project you'll see this week comes from a Dutch designer who has enlisted the help of a bunch of grandparents to bring children's drawings to life. Yoni Lefevre asked young children to draw portraits of their grandparents and then asked those grandparents to re-enact the images in real life.

The result is "Grey Power" and it's as precious as you think it'd be.

For Grey Power, Lefevre enlisted local schoolkids to draw their grandparents. Then she carefully recreated the drawings as photographs. The result is a series of four charming portraits–all showing their subjects as they exist in the imaginations of their grandchildren. They’re super seniors.

“I was searching for a way to visualize these very active and independent seniors,” Lefevre explains. “I came up with the idea of approaching children because they have a very honest and valuable view of their grandparents.” The pictures are a counterbalance to doddering grandpa from central casting–”a more nuanced, colorful, and positive perspective on aging,” according to Lefevre.

*Insert "awwwww" here* [Wired]