Frat email about 'rapebait' is as vile as you imagine

The frattiest email to ever frat is floating around the Internet ether, now, after a brother at Georgia Tech's Phi Kappa Tau sent a note to his brethren in an effort to encourage them to be aggressively sexually active at future frat events.

The subject-line of the email is "Luring your Rapebait" because of course it is. What follows is a hardly-intelligible, six-paragraph how-to that would more aptly be titled How to Objectify Women, Be Sexually Inappropriate, and Perpetuate Society's Stereotypes for Dummies.

Basically, he encourages the fraternity brothers to ply women with alcohol and offers the "7 E's of HOOKING UP!" as a guide to get laid.

Ok, if it is before midnight… A group of girls is standing around, grab a bro or pledge bro and go talk to them. First, introduce yourself and get their name, ask if they are having a good time, and then ask if they want anything to drink. If they say yes, walk them to the bar and tell them what we have to drink. If they say no and they look like they are in a sorority, ask them if they are in a sorority (DUH). If not, choose one of the following: where are you living, where are you from, have you been here before, how are classes going, or where all have you been tonight. Then proceed to have a conversation. IF THEY ARE HAMMERED AT ANY POINT BEFORE MIDNIGHT, JUST SKIP THE CHIT CHAT AND GO DANCE.

It gets worse from there.

Georgia Tech has since issued a statement regarding the email.

Georgia Tech is aware of this incident, and its Office of Student Integrity is currently engaged in an investigation to determine the facts,” the university said. “Phi Kappa Tau’s national office, as well as Tech’s student-led Interfraternity Council, are also reviewing the matter to determine whether to take any independent action. The Institute does not condone this type of behavior and continues to provide resources and education designed to create a supportive campus environment for all students, even those who exercise extremely poor judgment. [Total Frat Move]