Firefighters stop blaze, find a room filled with dozens of snakes

Thomas Cobb shows off several of his exotic reptiles that he keeps in a special basement room of his home Friday, April 26, 2013 in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. Cobb has been ordered by police to get rid of all but one of his 29 exotic boa constrictor snakes because he doesn’t have an exotic pet permit. (AP Photo/The Deseret News, Scott G. Winterton)

This scene must have found the cutting room floor during post-production on Backdraft because I don't remember anything about wrangling poisonous snakes in that movie. A crew of firefighters in Utah responded to a small kitchen fire, extinguishing the blaze and checking all of the home's rooms for human occupants. While they didn't find any people, they did stumble into what was, basically, the snake pit from Indiana Jones.

One room was filled with dozens of snakes, including five albino western diamondbacks and a Gaboon viper, one of the planet's deadliest snakes. Though a handful of the reptiles were poisonous and illegal in Utah, a majority of the snakes that were confiscated by animal control were obtained legally and will be returned to the owner.

The snakes that he owned legally will be returned to him, officials said.

“The remaining 22 were [legal] snakes you can pick up at any pet store,” Davis County Animal Services Director Clint Thacker said. “There’s nothing in the ordinance that says you can only have so many snakes, so the legal ones were returned.”

Essentially, this means that somewhere in Utah there will be a house with a room filled with dozens of snakes. So, we can go ahead and cross Utah off of my Places I Need to Visit list. [ABC News]